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Impact UIdaho is a community of students seeking to pursue model and teach intimacy with God at the University of Idaho.

Our community finds its expression in many different forms including:

  • Life Groups – these are coed groups of 10-15 students who meet weekly for food, fun, and time together. We’ll share a story from the Bible every week and unpack it together. We were never meant to walk this journey alone and this is your cheering section. Check out our Life Group times and locations in this website.
  •  D-Groups – these weekly  groups are gender specific and are usually 2-4 in size. The main focus of these groups is to read through a book of the Bible each week, pray for each other and our friends who don’t know Christ, and encourage each other to walk with Christ.
  • Real Life Ministries – getting students plugged into the body of Christ is a student’s opportunity to connect to a larger, richer community beyond the campus. Its a great place to get loved on and love on others. Sunday morning service times are 9am and 11am. The Real Life campus is located at 1428 S Blaine St. Moscow, ID 83843 (Eastside Market next to Dollar Tree)
  • Refuge Church – Refuge Church exists to model the character of God to our local community. As a church community, we embrace the tradition of Jesus by striving to acknowledge and help mend the hurt people have suffered. We aim to emphasize the voices of the marginalized and pursue the flourishing of all people. Bringing wholeness to our world involves recognizing the inherent value and worth of all people. Diversity of thought is vital to a healthy community, and we welcome people in any stage of their faith journey. Sunday morning service time is 10:30 am. The Refuge Church campus is located at the RTOP theatre in downtown Pullman (122 N Grand Ave).

Check out each one of these and get plugged in.  You can direct any questions to Eric Wright at or 208-596-1100.

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