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Real Life Ministries

Life happens every day of the week. At Real Life, we are not about a Sunday morning show. In fact, the Sunday morning gathering is the same for us as any other gathering—just a picture of who we are and what we do on a daily basis. Living life together as Christians, day in and day out, is the point of our ministry. This helps us walk closer with each other and with God.

Life Groups are the heartbeat of our church, and the way we stay in tune with each other and with God. Since we were never meant to do life alone, it is critical for us to be in relationships with other believers. Life Groups are one way that we can build spiritually-based relationships to help each other stay on track.

Impact Campus Ministries partners with Real Life Ministries to provide our students a multi-generational church community. Real Life is a church which college students have the opportunity to experience the full community of God and serve alongside those whose life and faith legacy speaks volumes into theirs.

Real Life has campuses in both Moscow and Pullman to meet the needs of WSU and Idaho students.

Check out Real Life at http://lifer.otp

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